Assistant to PMO

Main responsibilities:

  • Project Administration:

– Assist in the preparation, maintenance, and organization of project-related documents,

including project plans, status reports, meeting minutes, and other project artifacts.

– Support the project initiation process by facilitating the creation of project charters, defining

project objectives, and assisting with project scope definition.

– Monitor project timelines and deliverables, ensuring adherence to established schedules and


– Maintain project-related databases, tracking systems, and documentation repositories.

– Coordination and Communication:

– Facilitate effective communication among project stakeholders by scheduling and

coordinating meetings, preparing agendas, and distributing meeting materials.

– Assist in the coordination of project-related activities, including resource allocation, task

assignments, and dependency management.

– Track and follow up on action items and decisions made during project meetings, ensuring

timely execution and accountability.

– Assist in the preparation and distribution of project progress reports, highlighting key

achievements, issues, and risks to project stakeholders.

  • Project Monitoring and Reporting:

– Support the collection and analysis of project data, providing insights and recommendations

to the PMO team for continuous improvement.

– Assist in the development and maintenance of project management metrics, dashboards,

and performance indicators.

– Help identify and mitigate risks and issues by monitoring project progress, conducting risk

assessments, and implementing appropriate mitigation strategies.

– Support the evaluation of project outcomes against predefined success criteria and assist in

the preparation of project closure reports.

  • Process Improvement:

– Contribute to the enhancement of project management methodologies, templates, and tools

used within the PMO.

– Identify opportunities for process streamlining and automation, proposing and

implementing improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

– Assist in the documentation and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned from

completed projects.


– Bachelor’s degree in business administration, project management, or a related field is preferred.

– Proven experience (e.g., internships, assistant roles) in project management or a similar capacity is a plus.

– Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

– Excellent attention to detail and accuracy, ensuring high-quality deliverables.

– Proficient in using project management tools and software (e.g., Microsoft Project, JIRA, Asana, or similar).

– Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to interact professionally with stakeholders at all levels.

– Analytical mindset, with the ability to gather and interpret data, identify trends, and provide insights.

– Strong problem-solving skills, capable of proposing creative solutions to project-related challenges.

– Familiarity with project management methodologies (e.g., Agile, Waterfall) and their application.

– Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and adapt to changing priorities.

– Professional certifications in project management (e.g., CAPM, PMP) are desirable but not mandatory.


Pham Thi Ha My – TA Leader


Email: [email protected]

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