Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Salary ($) : Negotiation

Job level : Intern/Collab

Gender : Male/ Female

Location : Head Office

Foreign language : English

Top Benefit: Competitive work experiences as a TABP/ Diversity TA/ Headhunter (mostly in Technical TA):

– Solid knowledge of sourcing techniques (e.g., social media recruiting and Boolean search)

– Deep understanding of Talent Mapping (Sourcing), Employer Branding (both internal and external activities), Employee Experiences Delivery, HR Digitalization, full-cycle recruitment process

– Keep up to date with new technological trends and products – Specialized skills and qualifications to screen diverse resumes (Tech & Non-tech)

– Hands-on pre-screening calls to analyze applicants

– Smooth workflow with Hiring Manager and Cross-functional collaboration

– Clear career map for Talent Acquisition as well as Human Resources Management

· Join as FCI member and all of big events/seminar (internal activities, YEP, teambuilding, sports festival….) · Creative, open, fairly environment and flat structure · Work in FPT Tower – Top class facilities and technolog

Main responsibilities :

· Source potential candidates on niche platforms: LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook, Jobsites, Stack Overflow, GitHub … and follow up them

· Implement Employer Branding (EB) activities both online & offline

· Participate in Employee Engagement Program

· Review online portfolios and resumes to pre-screen candidates

· Foster long-term relationships with past applicants and potential candidates

· Send personalized recruiting/arrangement emails with current job openings to passive and also available candidates

· Participate in tech conferences and meetups to network with IT professionals

· Organize candidates’ data (e.g., resumes, assignments and contact details) in internal dashboard

· Craft attractive job descriptions

· Support other related recruitment activities

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