Privacy Policy

The information exchange and privacy policy is intended to ensure information security in relation with organizations and individuals participating in accessing and/or making transactions on the website. 

Purpose of Data Collection 

The privacy policy describes how FPT Smart Cloud receives, synthesizes, stores, uses, and protects information of organizations and individuals participating in accessing and making transactions on the website of FPT Smart Cloud (clients). As the customer accesses or makes the transaction on the website of FPT Smart Cloud, it is assumed that the customer has read and agreed to this policy, including the amended and supplemented versions of the policy. The amendments and supplements to the policy (if any) will take effect after 5 days from the date the policy amendment and supplement is notified on the website of FPT Smart Cloud. 

Details of Policy 

Scope of information collection 

  • When a customer makes a transaction and/or registers an account on the FPT Smart Cloud website, from time to time, the customer will be required to provide necessary information to complete the transaction and/or account registration. 
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that the provided information is complete and accurate and always updating information to ensure completeness and accuracy. FPT Smart Cloud is not accountable for resolving any disputes if the provided information is inaccurate, out-of-date, or falsified. 
  • The customer agrees that FPT Smart Cloud records and stores the content of (i) inbound calls from the customer to the customer service hotline of FPT Smart Cloud; and (ii) outbound calls from the customer service team of FPT Smart Cloud to the customer (hereinafter collectively referred to as Record). 

Commitment to customer data storage and security 

  • All customer information, as well as information exchanged between customers and FPT Smart Cloud, are stored and secured by FPT Smart Cloud‘s system. 
  • FPT Smart Cloud has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of customer information. FPT Smart Cloud also regularly coordinates with security experts to update the latest information on network security to ensure the safety of customer information when the customer accesses, registers for an account and/ or use website features of FPT Smart Cloud. When collecting data, FPT Smart Cloud stores and secures customer information on the server system and this customer information is secured by firewall systems and other access control and data encryption measures. 
  • The customer must not use any tools or programs to illegally interfere with the system or modify the data structure of FPT Smart Cloud website, make any attempts to spread and encourage activities aimed at interfering, sabotaging, or infiltrating data of the FPT Smart Cloud system, as well as acts prohibited by the Vietnamese laws. In case FPT Smart Cloud identifies the customer performing intentional forgery, fraud, illegal data distribution… FPT Smart Cloud has the right to transfer customer information to competent authorities to handle in accordance with legal regulations. 
  • Customers absolutely must not use any tools or programs to illegally interfere with the system or change the data structure of FPT Smart Cloud, as well as any other actions aimed at exploiting FPT Smart Cloud. disseminating and encouraging activities with the purpose of interfering, sabotaging or infiltrating data of the FPT Smart Cloud system, as well as other acts prohibited by Vietnamese law. In case FPT Smart Cloud detects that a customer has intentionally forged, committed fraud, illegally distributed information, etc. FPT Smart Cloud has the right to transfer the customer’s Personal information to the competent authorities. to handle according to legal regulations. 

Duration of storing and using customer information 

  • For current accounts, FPT Smart Cloud will store and execute unlimited use of customer information until the customer closes the account. 
  • For closed accounts, FPT Smart Cloud still stores customer data and access for the purposes of fraud prevention, investigation, resolving inquiries… FPT Smart Cloud will store such personal information on the server system for a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months from the date the customer closes the account on FPT Smart Cloud website. After this period expires, FPT Smart Cloud will proceed to permanently delete the customer information. 

Scope of customer data usage 

FPT Smart Cloud has the right to use the information provided the customer, including but not limited the purposes of: 

  • Providing services/utilities based on customer preferences and behaviors when accessing the FPT Smart Cloud website; 
  • Detecting and preventing fraud activities, sabotage of customer accounts or customer identity fraud on FPT Smart Cloud website; 
  • Contacting, supporting communication and resolution with customers in specific cases. 

Connection to other websites 

  • The customer is responsible for protecting account information and must not provide any information related to the account and password on FPT Smart Cloud on other websites except when logging in to the main address of Smart Cloud at 
  • The customer is solely responsible for any problems arise as they access to FPT Smart Cloud website from unofficial websites of FPT Smart Cloud. 

Share of customer information 

  • FPT Smart Cloud does not provide customer information to any third parties unless required to do so at the request of competent State agencies, or in accordance with the provisions of law, or the provision of information is necessary for FPT Smart Cloud to provide services/utilities to customers (for example, providing necessary information to software deployment or demo functions…). 
  • In addition to the above cases, FPT Smart Cloud will provide specific notice to customers in terms of customer information disclosure to a third party. In this case, FPT Smart Cloud commits to only disclose customer information with the customer’s consent. 
  • FPT Smart Cloud might exchange customer information for these purposes:  
  • Market research and analytical reports: FPT Smart Cloud can use customer information to conduct market research, synthesize and analyze general customer information (for example, demographic, geographical area, etc.), in which detailed information will be hidden and used only for statistical purposes. If FPT Smart Cloud conducts a survey requiring customer participation, any responses to the survey or public opinion poll that the customer provides to FPT Smart Cloud will not be transferred to any third parties; 
  • Exchange customer information with partners that have signed customer service agreement with FPT Smart Cloud: FPT Smart Cloud can share customer data with affiliated partners as well as connected domestic and international websites of FPT Smart Cloud. This exchange helps FPT Smart Cloud provide product/service information to customers, related to goods, services, and other issues that customers may be interested in. In case FPT Smart Cloud‘s affiliated companies are granted access to customer information, they will have to strictly comply with the regulations described in this policy; 
  • Exchange of customer information with third parties who are partners of FPT Smart Cloud: FPT Smart Cloud can transfer customer information to agents and subcontractors for the purposes of data analytics, marketing, and customer service support. FPT Smart Cloud can also exchange customer information with third parties for the purposes of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction; 
  • Exchange customer information with advertising partners: The customer behavior tracking system used by FPT Smart Cloud on advertising display channels (i.e.: customer marketing, demographic reporting, customer preferences with Google Analytics tool…) can collect information such as age, gender, preferences and number of interactions with a quantity of ads appeared. With the ad settings feature, customers can choose to opt out of the Google Analytics customer behavior tracking feature and choose how the advertising display channel appears on Google. 

Privileges of customers 

The customer has the right to request access to personal data and request FPT Smart Cloud to correct errors in customer data without any charges. At any time, the customer has the right to request FPT Smart Cloud to stop using personal data for marketing purposes. 

Cookie use 

FPT Smart Cloud provides cookie or similar technologies to collect information such as access history, customer options when accessing and using website features of FPT Smart Cloud… to improve privacy experience and help FPT Smart Cloud understand customer needs and preferences to provide better services. 


If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about our privacy policy, please contact us via the Contact form on the website or directly via the hotline. We reserve the right to make changes in this policy. All changes will be reflected on the website. 

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