Development Orientation

The goal of FPT Smart Cloud is to develop Make-in-Vietnam technology and intelligence, utilizing the power of AI & Cloud to turn every Vietnamese business into a tech-enabled enterprise.

Strategic Vision

To achieve the ultimate goals, FPT Smart Cloud develops balanced and comprehensive action programs in all three aspects of business, technology and human.
We continuously expand and fortify our products and services for digital transformation, from consulting to implementation, integrated in a unified interface with extensive connectivity capabilities to optimize operations.
With large corporate customers, we focus on expanding and promoting the provision of comprehensive digital transformation services and solutions from consultation to implementation. Specifically, new technology platforms and solutions such as RPA, Low-code, AI, Blockchain..., and services of transformation, management and operation on Cloud infrastructure are provided.
With small and medium enterprises, FPT Smart Cloud continuously develops and expands the ecosystem of Made by FPT solutions towards a single, all-in-one management platform. It has the ability to expand connectivity with other solutions and services to optimize operation.
For individual clients, FPT Smart Cloud offers the best service experience based on new solutions and management platforms.
We always approach the latest technology trends to develop core technologies and platforms along with improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
FPT Smart Cloud's biggest asset is its people. Therefore, we always pay attention to build a competitive remuneration policy, encourage innovation and creativity, as well as implement training programs in order to nurture new employee generations who are willing to learn and strive for careers.
With the philosophy of providing each member the best talent development conditions, FPT Smart Cloud is committed to building a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory working environment.
We are committed to building a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory working environment.
FPT is going to focus on developing technology in two directions: enhancing core technologies and platforms, and improving customer experiences and technology-based operational efficiency.
In particular, we will continue to promote intensive research and solution development based on Blockchain, Low-code, AI, Cloud technologies along with Data Platforms (Users/Customers/Internal Data). This brings effective, reliable business solutions to large organizations, corporations, small and medium enterprises and breakthrough experiences for individual customers.

Core Values

"Tôn, Đổi, Đồng - Chí, Gương, Sáng" (Respect, Innovation, Teamwork – Equality, Exemplarity, Lucidity) core values are considered indispensable parts of FPT’s GENE set. They are FPT’s Spirit and also the driving force of all of FPT’s leaders and employees who seek to constantly innovate and strive for the widespread benefit of the community, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.


  • Regardless of hierarchical position and relationships.
  • Accept people as they are.
  • Provide the working environment for employees to foster and be who they are.


  • Unanimous, collective, and sincere.
  • Share a common goal “For the success of customers and sustainable growth of the company.


  • Leaders must be the ones who best demonstrate the Spirit of FPT.


  • Non-stop learning and self-improvement.
  • Efforts to lead in the latest technology and new products.
  • Acquisition of advanced management/business methods.


  • The most essential foundation for leaders to gain trust from employees.


  • Long-term vision and assertiveness.

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