Many breakthrough ideas are revealed at FCI Happy Hackathon after 24 hours of unrestricted creation

There were 22 teams who spent 24 hours coding “through the night”. Happy Hackathon – the creative programming contest put an end to the event series to celebrate the 3rd birthday of FPT Smart Cloud (FCI) very proudly. 

Happy Hackathon is a creative programming contest held annually in August, which is also FPT Smart Cloud’s birthday. FCI employees are encouraged to freely create innovative ideas, enhance new applications or new product features and solve existing problems or achieve breakthroughs in work efficiency.

This year, Happy Hackathon not only brings various memorable memories for FPT Smart Cloud members, but also keeps up the spirit of creativity – the “gene code” of F people. Many breakthrough ideas at the Preliminary Round make the judges surprised: Virtual assistant to support financial management (FiVA team); Virtual assistant for human resources, helping CV search and extraction (Talent Flow team); Virtual assistant training new employees (Thinking team, DM2VL team, FCI Buddy); Programmer scoring and ranking system (C’est dé Kloud team); Features managing the employee’s working time (D3 team); Internal project aggregation and reporting system (Carbon team); Feature to identify, analyzr and alert the out-of-focus status of online meetings (Bad Teacher team); Price measurement tool using cloud service (ThunderKloud team) and Website to register an account and create a separate Voicebots (Autocall)… 

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Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh starts the final round of Happy Hackathon.

On the morning of August 11th, 22 teams put all their efforts to compete for 13 final round presentations and hunt for prizes worth tens of millions VND. However, the Jury made a surprising decision at long last. That is raising the total numer of teams to 15 teams thanks to the excellent performance of the teams in the Preliminary Round. 

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Mr. Le Hong Viet – a representative of the Jury to evaluate the Preliminary Round.

Overcoming a large number of potential competitors, the Wryfly team (Ho Minh Thang, Pham Xuan Bach, Pham Minh Tu, Phung Thanh Bao Hieu, Nguyen Van Son) convincingly won the final championship with AI Practice – Solution application of AI technology stimulating virtual customers. By building real exchange situations that can be faced when seeing customers, the staff will have the chance to experience learning and practice with AI “customers” and broaden the knowledge about product, negotiation skills, sales… The AI system is to analyze the employee’s skills, evaluate and score based on the learning process.

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Wryfly team won Happy Hackathon 2023.

“I and my teammates expect the product to bring many benefits  to FPT AI’s customer base. Meanwhile, it will be a new strategic product for the FPT.AI product ecosystem. In the future, the team plans to develop more new features so that users can facetime, voicechat… with virtual assistant.” – Mr. Ho Minh Thang (Wryfly team captain) shared. 

Leading Group A (Creating new products/ tools), Đốt lò (Burning furnace) team has won the Breakthrough Award with the comprehensive solution utilizing the empty hard drive slots of the server. The solution helps to build Archive Storage service, with the most competitive price in Vietnam. This is also the premise for the development of Camera, healthcar, Datalake, Bigdata/AI. Tran Quoc Sang, Tran Van Nhan, Truong Tran Quoc Cuong, Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, Pham Le Gia Dai together came up with this idea and product. 

The Breakthrough Award of Group B (Creating new features for FPT Smart Cloud’s products and system) is owned by the Pioneer team (Nguyen Phuc Loc, Vuong Hoai Thu, Pham Le Trung, Phan Duy, Nguyen Doan Tung) with Covera. Covera is a product which helps enhance the quality of code reviews and provide the development team with a detailed vision of the team’s products, services and problems to find out the exact improvement solution. “My team has made a decision to implement this idea with the view to bring the solution into the application at the Cloud Infrastructure Service Development Center in specific and the company in general.” said Mr. Nguyen Phuc Loc (Pioneer team captain).

In addition, the Creative Award of Group A belongs to the Smart-Khay team (Phan Hong Tam, Nguyen Bao Trung, Dao Thu Hien, Vu Thai Son, Pham Trung Thanh) with an AI smart tray which can help identifying products when customers go shopping at the grocery store, quote each product and enable one-swipe payment.

MicrosoftTeams image 44
The innovative helps Smart-Khay to win the Innovative Award.

Doofenshmirtz team including Le Thao My, Do Tat Cuong, Nguyen Duy Dinh, Nguyen BA Huy, Hoang Thi Thu Ha is entitled to the Innovation Award of Group, thanks to the Automated Customer Care & Customer Journey Scoring System on CRM. It helps to increase productivity, satisfy the customer experience and identify the right prior customers to take care of.

Excellent ideas deriving from the competition will be researched and developed into useful products that bring a great deal of value for the company, be applied to the daily work of FPT Smart Cloud, improve labor productivity, build a happy working environment and spread the “unlimited” creative spirit from the “gene code” of FPTers. 

Hai Linh

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