Vietnamese Cloud platform creates a driving force for Digital Economy development

Thanks to outstanding contributions in increasing the competitiveness of Vietnamese businesses, promoting digital transformation and developing the digital economy in Vietnam, FPT Cloud has successfully won the Gold Award for the “Excellent digital product for customers”, surpassing 218 applications and more than 4 months of selection by the Ministry of Information & Communications.

Cloud Computing Trend and its key roles in the digital economy 

At the National Forum of Digital Technology Enterprise Development – VFTE 2022, Mr. Vu Duc Dam – Deputy Prime Minister said that the Information Technology (IT) industry currently has an important position in the economy. Nevertheless, Vietnam in general and the IT industry in specific must come up with special solutions so as to escape the middle – income trap and achieve socio-economic development goals.

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FPT Cloud has successfully won the Gold Award “Excellent Digital Product for the Digital Economy”.

In particular, Cloud computing is considered the focus of the digital infrastructure, ensuring the sustainable development of the national digital economy. Cloud services contribute to accelerating the transformation process with advantages of flexibility, speed and creativity, solutions for major challenges in the digital transformation process of enterprises such as shortage of IT high-quality engineer resources, optimal investment capital, simplification of operation and data management procedures… This plays a vital part in raising the value of Vietnamese products, which helps to establish Vietnam’s position on the “digital map” of the world. 

In the strategy to build the National Digital Infrastructure, Vietnam has put up a target that 100% of government agencies will use cloud computing and 70% of Vietnamese businesses will use cloud computing services provided by domestic suppliers by 2025. In reality, many Vietnamese businesses have moved from foreign Cloud platforms to domestic ones like FPT Cloud, because “Made in Vietnam” products offer the benefits of lower costs; the availability of a customer support team; no language, culture or time barriers…

FPT Cloud – The platform to promote the development of the digital economy

Over the years, FPT has always pioneered in deeply participating in the fields of digital infrastructure development in Vietnam. With innovation in technology and products, FPT has turned every traditional company into a digital business thanks to the strategic product of FPT Cloud, a new generation cloud computing platform. 

The FPT Cloud platform is developed based on an open infrastructure, which is capable of providing a wide variety of internationally certified service models and complies with leading security criteria such as PCIDSS, ISO 27017:27013… Regarded as a Cloud platform built on the understanding of the unique business environment in Vietnam, FPT Cloud emphasizes the data use in Vietnam with advanced technologies and intelligent artificial intelligence to make a difference for Vietnamese businesses.

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Businesses using FPT Cloud’s services always receive comprehensive support from a team of leading FPT experts.

Additionally, FPT Cloud serves as a “connecting hub” between Vietnamese companies and leading product and service platforms from partners such as VMware, Red Hat, Check Point… with the view to create solutions and services suitable with the specific needs of Vietnamese enterprises. Up to now, FPT Cloud has owned more than 50 cloud computing services from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Businesses using FPT Cloud’s services always receive comprehensive 24/7/365 support by a team of leading FPT experts. 

Based on many prestigious domestic and international certifications and awards, FPT Cloud has established its position as a market leader by rapidly dominating the industry, increasing at a pace of 400% per year and consistently maintaining a high growth rate. As a result, FPT Cloud became a reliable partner of more than 2.400 enterprises in diverse industries and fields in which there are more than 100 largest businesses in Vietnam in the top VNR500 such as Dat Xanh Group, World Bank, chain of 600 Long Chau pharmacies…

The Gold Award “Excellent Digital Product for the Digital Economy” is the 5th prestigious award of FPT Cloud in 2022, which makes a contribution to affirming the outstanding quality of an innovative product exclusively for Vietnamese businesses. In the coming time, FPT Cloud intends to become a technology center, integrating the latest services in the world with the features of the business environment in Vietnam, so that Vietnamese businesses can quickly and easily get access to modern technologies. 

Besides the FPT Cloud product which was awarded the Gold, FPT.eSign – FPT’s remote digital signature service was also honored in the Top 10 excellent digital products for the digital economy. These two products are part of the Made-by-FPT technology ecosystem and contribute to accelerating digital transformation, boosting productivity, reducing costs, enhancing customer experience, and making the most use of available resources for enterprises and organizations.

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