The secret to retaining the talent of FPT Smart Cloud’s administrators

A series of training events for managers “FCI Manager Insights 2023” took place in Hanoi in the afternoon of May 26. Topic #3 “Attracting and retaining the talented” received the participation of more than 30 managers at FPT Smart Cloud.

Under the guidance and sharing of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – Deputy General Director of FPT Smart Cloud, FCI’s managers raise the awareness of the role and importance of managers in Human Resource Management, as well as attracting and retaining the talented. Together with theoretical content and interactive activities, practical stories within FPT Corporation were also shared and discussed, which creates a comfortable, exciting and effective atmosphere for the training meeting.


In the subject of human resource management, talent management has recently attracted a lot of attention. Because many businesses realize that highly effective employees are becoming scarce, they emerge the need to evaluate and adjust current human resource management methods in order to ensure the exact work division for the suitable people. This is especially important for a product development company like FPT Smart Cloud.

According to Mr. Minh, every manager must take part in the Human Resource Management process, including: Human resource planning; Recruitment process and Personnel capacity improvement; Productivity enhancement as well as Culture building and Ability to leading and rallying forces. He also emphasizes that the awareness and behavior of the management team plays an important role in maintaining an effective working environment.

Given at the beginning of the sharing session, the question “Why does an organization need talented people?” received a lot of discussion and comments. According to McKinsey, a “talented person” is an individual who possesses a very high “Performance”, 8 times higher than the average employee and solves “big issues” for the organization. An employee who is defined as a “talented person” usually has characteristics such as: Having a stable track record and helping the organization to exceed the set targets; Having an excellent attitude to learn, not being afraid to take on responsibilities, and being willing to speak out clearly. In particular, they always come up with a smart and easy way to solve problems in the working process, as well as demonstrate the need of work-life balance.


There is a large number of ways to classify the talent, including: Leadership talent, Technical talent and Execution talent. So how can we attract and retain the talented? This is the question that holds a considerable appeal from managers. After discussion, 4 important factors in attracting talent are drawn: Good leadership, Good company, Challenging but interesting work, Decent salary and bonus. The managers argue how to build an effective talent-attracting working environment at FPT Smart Cloud in the end of the sharing session.

FCI Manager Insights 2023 workshop series was implemented starting from March with the aim to foster the management team’s capacity; develop important leadership skills, encourage a happy, understanding and empowering work environment.

Dua Lang Thang

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