FPT Smart Cloud announces the list of excellent Startups joining in the Startup Acceleration program

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After 5-month implementation, the “Startup Acceleration” program organized by FPT Smart Cloud has supported 5 excellent startups with a total value of up to billions of Vietnamese Dong. 

Chosen from more than 60 program submissions spreading across many technology fields such as AI, Fintech, Health-tech, Edu-tech…, excellent startups need to satisfy the criteria including being founded under 5 years in Vietnam, not raising capital for series B, currently developing products based on digital technology. The program is organized by the association of FPT Smart Cloud together with VNExpress e-newspaper, Thinkzones Investment Fund and Do Ventues.

When participating in this program, startups can receive a support package to build, test and accelerate their product development on the “cloud” platform of FPT Cloud; improve products and applications with FPT.AI tool as well as receive advice and support from technology experts from FPT and global partners.

Some outstanding startups include: 

Gadget Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company – A company provides smart switchboard software integrated with CRM – Callio, helps businesses manage the number of calls made by telesales staff, time they actually work to create the revenue, call quality, sales and customer care process, real-time reporting, thereby raise the level of performance of the telesales team.

Grac Technology Joint Stock Company – A technology startup company supplies software to digitize the waste management and online payment network. With a centralized, multi-platform and continuously synchronied data system (Big Data – Cloud Server), Grac program makes it easier to do general reports, suggest suitable management solutions, and establish connections between the public, the government, and service providers.

LED x Next Generation Investment Co., Ltd – A company develops a fintech platform – Rootopia, with a view to support students in solving difficulties about tuition. Rootapia has now played a part in connecting and financially supporting students at more than 100 schools and centers in more than 10 provinces and cities to complete their education.

FINAN Co., Ltd – A company launched the sobanhang application which provides solutions to help online sales, comprehensive sales management on a single mobile application. Thanks to this app, modern store owners can promote business activities and increase the sales revenue. 

SSSMARKET Co., Ltd – A company develops the SSSmarket for buying and selling fashion to help young people pass those unused fashion items. This joins a hand to optimize the wardrobe, reduce waste and protect the environment.

“FPT Smart Cloud consistently places a high premium on investing in breakthrough and audacious ideas. We aspire to become a “launching pad” for Vietnamese businesses based on the advantages and breakthroughs in technology, along with valuable experiences when pioneering business startups.” – Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Deputy General Director of FPT Smart Cloud shared.

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The “Startup Acceleration” program is part of FPT Smart Cloud’s strategy to support the creative startup community in Vietnam, with the aim to affirm the role and technological capacity of a pioneer enterprise in the field of AI & Cloud.

FPT Smart Cloud deployed this program from February 2023 and accompanied the startups with 3 support packages: 

  • “Breakthrough” support package with advanced technologies from FPT Cloud, FPT.AI and FPT ecosystem;
  • “Increasing productivity” support package exploiting applications and services from Microsoft, Google and other FPT partners globally;
  • “Experts” support package accompanying and providing in-depth private advice… for technology startups that have products and desire for entering the international market.

This program is made expressly to assist entrepreneurs in operating and growing their businesses by utilizing available resources, technology, and the worldwide network of big enterprises like FPT.

The program is still accepting applications for the next batch until the end of August 13, 2023. Startup registers to participate in the program at: https://fptcloud.com/startup-program/.

Kim Ngan

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