FPT Smart Cloud launches a writing-chronicle contest called Happy journey

The contest is designed with the hope that each FPT Smart Cloud (FCI) can contribute their special stories and priceless memories when accompanying the 35-year development journey of FPT in general and FPT Smart Cloud in particular. “Happy journey” has officially been launched to select the breakthrough works which best capture the unique personal identity of FCI people.

“Happy journey”, held exclusively at FPT Smart Cloud, offers the FCI an opportunity to accompany and contribute articles to FPT Chronicle 35. This is a tradition that F people have been preserving and promoting during the past 35 years on every even-numbered birthday celebration of the Corporation. With thousands of articles, F people can have a vision of their predecessors, colleagues and themselves in those years which have carved the history of FPT.

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  • All employees signing official contracts at FPT Smart Cloud are required to participate in. (Collaborators, interns and foreign officials are encouraged)
  • The Board of Directors of the Company and the Head of the Department is responsible for reminding and ensuring 100% of employees’ participation.


Step 1: Download and open the myFPT app on your mobile phone

Step 2: Select News

Step 3: Select “FPT 35” category to post


The organizing committee receives articles from 15/6/2023 to 15/7/2023.


  1. Format: Articles (minimum 350 words), poetry (arbitrary form of poetry).
  2. Topic: The works are divided into one of the following groups:
    + Business (business stories, orientation and strategy implementation, remuneration…).
    + Pride (stories about values, honor and rewards, rotation to do what you like, creative innovation…)
    + Responsibility (stories about implementing roles and responsibilities of leaders/managers in protecting colleagues, ensuring jobs, taking care of staff…)
    + Enjoyment in life (stories related to culture, spirit, sports…)
    + Love (protection, care, helping each other…)
  3. Post with hashtag: #FPT35 #FCI


  1. Articless getting high marks are authentic, typical, attractive, providing a lot of data, information about the company/department/character, using understandable and concise language.
  2. The organizing commitee encourages the form of illustrations with pictures and photos.
  3. The content of the article has not been published on other media channels. The article needs to use words which are appropriate with customs and not abbreviated. Posts with unhealthy, illegal, personally offensive, or offensive content will not be accepted. Political or religious issues are not mentioned.
  4. The author assumes all responsibility for the information contained in his article.
  5. The organizing committee has the right to use the works in the future communication and publication of FCI Chronicles. BTC’s decision is final.

🎁 Rewards:

Collective prize:

– Department that submits the most articles (based on personnel ratio): 3.000,.000 VND/prize

Individual prize: 

– The first 13 approved articles will receive a prize of 200.000 VND/prize for each

–  Articles printed in FPT Chronicle 35: 1.000.000 VND/prize

– The most-liked article (most likes on MyFPT): 500.000 VND/prize

– The 03 most impressive articles (voted by the Jury): 1.000.000 VND/prize

In addition, FPT Smart Cloud employees can also receive additional awards from the Corporation. Specifically, the first 135 F people who submit a valid article will receive 100,000 VND; 13 Distributing prizes worth 1,350,000 VND/prize awarded to 13 individuals with the most interactive posts, (at least 135 interactions or more); 13 Happiness prizes for the 13 most inspirational articles selected by the BTC, worth 1,350,000 VND/prize.

Please share your thoughts through a story, a poem… to express your most sincere feelings for FPT. Let those great things be preserved in the chronicle pages and contribute to show the culture and spirit of the FPT Smart Cloud family! If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the representative of the organizing committee: [email protected] or [email protected].

Dua Le

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